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RANBIR PUAR: Creator, Realist, Light-Bearer.

Ranbir Puar’s journey was born of a deep desire to transform despair into destiny. Her passion for empowering others led to the development of Spirituality for Reality Inc., an organization based on two primary streams: building strong children, and guiding adults to heal themselves. Creating a strong self-image is key to this work; Ranbir is a wizard at helping people of all ages understand this abstract concept of self-image by using personification, visualization and clear, appropriate language.

Ranbir’s unique ability to get to the heart of the matter in a highly intuitive yet pragmatic and direct way has enabled her clients to make dramatic changes in their lives. 

She delivers powerful, moving speeches that are filled with humour and emotion. Her popular TEDx talk, Building Strong Children, is a favourite among parents and educators. Many audience members share their joy at having Ranbir speak to their internal struggles like someone who knows them well.

The key messages in Ranbir’s recent talks have been: how to turn down your Inner Critic so your Inner Champion can roar, and how to live the width (not just the length) of your life.  

Through these and other heart-centred, scientifically-backed topics, Ranbir guides people to live fully and enjoy all aspects of their lives.

Some of her written contributions include: Self-Image & the Death of Izabel Laxamana,” in Her Magazine, “The Perks of Receiving an Insult,” in North Shore Mama and “Cyberbullying: It’s closer to home than you might think,” in Mom Paradigm.

The following Yogi Bhajan quote best sums up Ranbir’s approach when she is speaking, writing, teaching, or coaching: “It is the job of a spiritual teacher to poke, provoke, confront and elevate.” 

Her commitment to building strong children is reflected in the time she spends with her sons hiking at local trails, biking, going to the driving range, playing in the backyard and playing board games.  

Ranbir is an seasoned speaker.  She is known to move the audience and connect with them on a deep level, helping create change and growth.  Call now to book her for your next event.

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Ranbir Puar speaking at TEDxRenfrewCollingwood – “Building Strong Children” is easier than repairing broken adults. So, what if we could give children the key to finding their true path? Why break something and then try to fix it later? Ranbir Puar presents a profoundly moving case for a new methodology…. A true paradigm shift. She shares inspiring stories of children that are now lighting the path for others because they were given the key to being in control of their lives.




Connect with Ranbir at Leading Moms on September 23, 2016 at Vancity Theatre:

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