Paint It Black – Sleeping Version

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There’s no better meditation than sleep. Sleep is when our body, mind and spirit reconcile, our nervous systems regenerate and we become open to new and creative solutions to the problems we perceive in our life. In our society, we often hear phrases like, “Sleep is for the weak” and we assume that burning the candle at both ends means we are successful. Depriving ourselves of sleep can lead to numerous mental and physical health issues. However, the more sleep-deprived we are, the more difficult it is to calm ourselves into a relaxed state which only perpetuates the cycle. 

Ranbir created this meditation to break that cycle. The Paint It Black meditation is designed to help you sleep, shutting down the thought process and opening you up to the necessary ‘darkness’ – the gap between your thoughts. Let your body rest so your inner champion can awaken.

** This is the sleeping version, which means it is best to use at bedtime.

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