Awakening Your Inner Champion




It may be a deeper connection to your loved ones, it could be fulfilling your life’s purpose, or even expanding your faith.

So many of us feel discontented, depressed and frozen by fear.

In fact, we may spend much of our time judging ourselves, others and situations based on what we expect them to be. We often work hard to avoid reality. This upsets the natural balance of our lives, disrupts the flow of life which requires harvesting its highs and lows.


Awakening Your Inner Champion contains the first steps you need to take in order to create a gap between your thoughts so you can HEAR your inner guidance system AND awaken your inner champion. This allows you to ground yourself, and it will impact all of your relationships!
By Joining The Awakening Your Inner Champion Course You’ll Learn:

  • Objectively assess your current state
  • Learn methods to help you sleep through the night (and understand why you don’t sleep)
  • Allowing love into your life – authentic love that is sustainable long-term
  • Getting to know your subconscious mind – how your habits help you/hurt you
  • Understand what you can change, what you can release and what you can grow
  • Nourish your body, mind and spirit – shortcuts on how to get max value on your nutrition and our time
  • See yourself from the inside out, hear your inner champion roar
  • Create a lifestyle that is realistic (easy to follow ideas), but one that allows for maximum light, love and growth!

What You’ll Get….

  • One hour weekly live webinar class (recorded, so you can always go back to review)
  • Live webinar class allows for chat, so ask questions to get clarity in real-time
  • Connect with others in program each week during the webinar ???? support system ??
  • Weekly assignments to keep you on target for success
  • Access to the full program on our Teachable site (access at any time)
  • 4 different guided meditations (download)
  • Private Facebook Group to connect with like-minded, growth-oriented individuals. Our community is nurturing, so it is a safe environment to share your struggles and your successes.
  • Email access to Ranbir, to ask questions offline if you need an extra boost


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