Spiritual Health

Your Spiritual Health is that part of your existence that helps you to connect with the deepest part of you. It also helps you connect with your purpose/calling, allowing you to feel fully satisfied. Each of us is here for a reason and we can help you “turn your light switch back on” so you can see the beauty of your life.

We can help you with any of the following areas:

  • Improve your connection with your soul and your God-self
  • Finding, learning and establishing faith
  • Discovering your soul’s purpose
  • Your impact on humanity
  • How to live “awake”

“I have been in some form of therapy for the past 16 years. After completing The Freedom Exercise I finally found that inner peace that I was searching for all those years. Not only do I feel in control for the first time in decades, I feel happy too. I completed the course two years ago, so I know it works! Thank you so much. You changed my life.”
– B.T.

“I believe that God sent you to me. He put you right in front of me when I needed you more than I could have imagined. This is only the beginning.”
– O.S.

“Ranbir, I need you to know that working with you saved my life. I felt broken when I first came to see you. I could never have imagined a way out of my despair. Now, not only am I well past it, I am thriving because of it. God Bless you and this work you do.”
– C.D.

“In the simplest terms, Ranbir Puar is amazing. Ranbir is a walking light of intuition, mixed with an effective business nature that essentially cuts right to the core of any issue in a matter of seconds. Even better, once an issue has quickly been identified, a solution, or technique, or anything you would need to address that issue is given to you. Every time I speak with her I feel as though I cover 10 years of therapy in a matter of minutes! I also find that sometimes things that Ranbir says will stick and I won’t quite know what she means until I’m a few steps further, and then the light goes off! She truly is incredible.”
– C.H., Vancouver, BC

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