Self Healing

We focus on helping you to understand the power of the mind, body and soul, and how to harness these to change your physical state of health. Guiding our clients to self-heal is one of the things we are best known for. We do not claim to be healers by any means, as we believe there is only one person that can heal you – that is you. We are the people that light the path for you to show you the way. We turn your light switch back on, but it is up to you to follow through.

We can help you with any of the following areas:

  • Discovering emotional causes of illness
  • Identifying thought patterns undermining optimal health
  • Creating new belief systems
  • Identifying and moving past childhood traumas

“We met Ranbir soon after receiving the news from our medical doctors that multiple chemotherapy treatments had failed and my wife’s cancer was aggressive and terminal. She was told by the doctors to spend time with our young children as she only had a couple of months to live. Very quickly, Ranbir provided us with critical personalized training and tools to enable us to access the immense untapped power of our brains. She used the techniques of her program to open our hearts, minds and spirits in practical and powerful ways to enable self-healing. There was no requirement to reject alternative treatments that we pursued, instead, Ranbir’s program strongly enhanced the effectiveness of other changes that were made to assist the healing process. My wife achieved clinical remission of her cancer a month after being given a death sentence. Her doctors had no explanation for what happened in her body to achieve remission. Western medical doctors are trained to treat bodies – not harness and guide the power of patients’ brains and spirits. Ranbir provided us with the tools and knowledge to empower my wife’s mind, heart and spirit. The results speak for themselves.”

“During our very first interaction, which lasted only 90 minutes, Ranbir was able to uncover the root cause of my illness (cancer). I had been working on ridding myself of cancer for years. I flew all over the world for treatment from specialists. I experienced only limited success in the past, but now I can say with full confidence that I am healed. Ranbir has a technique that is so unique; a technique that is based in sound scientific and psychoanalytic processes. Because results were almost immediate, making the choice to follow her advice was very easy. This truly is the first time that I am turning the page with a healthy body that is supported by a healthy mind. I will be forever grateful. I truly believe that this is a gift from God. Thank you.”

“I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease 6 months ago. After attempting the two remission drugs, having severe allergic reactions to both, my endocrinologist told me that my best treatment option was to use radiation to shut down the function of my thyroid. I told him about my strong desire to save my thyroid myself – to bring down my numbers naturally. He said there was very little chance I could improve my thyroid function without the radiation. He explained that out of 942 Graves’ patients he has seen, people with numbers like mine, in his opinion, do not recover by natural remedies.

But, regardless, I held onto this vision that my endocrinologist would one day say to me that I don’t need radiation – not that I would be begging him to cancel it, but that he would say to me, “This is the first time I have ever seen this, but you don’t need radiation”. After working with Ranbir for just two months, this exact vision came true! My blood work this week confirmed that my thyroid numbers are now right in the normal range. As a result, my endocrinologist told me that we should cancel my radiation treatments!

What I have loved about the work with Ranbir is that, unlike other counselling, it’s not just work that happens while I am in her office. It doesn’t feel like talk therapy that way. Through the years, other counsellors have given me homework that I have done either little of or none of. With Ranbir, the work she gives me, such as the meditations and journaling, is easy and effective. She’s not asking you to meditate for 3 hours a day or give up a week for a workshop. This is stuff that is easy to do – even for a busy person. Because I was able to notice the changes that were rapidly occurring, it motivated me to do more! I am so grateful to The Freedom Exercise. I have already started referring my friends and family!”
– S.L., North Vancouver, BC

“Ranbir has been the answer to my prayers. My boyfriend was given 6-8 months to live – 8 months and 2 weeks ago. He looks better now than he did then! We have both quit smoking, and he is running almost every day. I have lost 20 lbs (and counting!). And, through meditation, I personally have been able to ‘see’ what it is that I need to do in my life career-wise which excites me to no end as this too had been a conundrum. If you were to look at where we were 6 months ago, and where we are today, we are BOTH on our way to living how we’ve desperately been wanting to since we’ve been together. The most important part of that sentence is that (my boyfriend) is LIVING! There is no way we would have managed to get here without Ranbir on our side. “
– C.H., Vancouver, BC