“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”

Frederick Douglass

What the kids are saying:

“I felt like the whole world loved me.”

“I learned a lot from you.  You made me into a stronger character and taught me to believe in myself.  With that courage I can accomplish the impossible.  You helped me to learn the important lesson that everyone is special in their own way.”

“The part I benefitted most from was when you taught us not to compare ourselves to other people.  I used to put too much pressure on myself to beat other people in contests, but now I don’t do that anymore.”

What the parents are saying:

“My son came out of the session with the group completely invigorated and positive about pretty much everything! He was so charged-up about all of the new information he learned that he ended up chatting with me for over 2 hours about the session and how I could use some of the techniques you taught him in my own life.  He and I connected on a very different level and it was nice to see him so incredibly happy!”

“Thank you so much for the insight you provided to me about my daughter following the Kids Self-Image Class. It has been immensely helpful over the past couple of weeks.  When the next session date is set, please let me know and I will move heaven and earth to get her there!”

“This class completely changed the dynamics and communication in our home.  I am blown away.  Is there a class for adults?”

What the teachers are saying:

“I have been feeling grateful all day…Over lunch 3 of my girls who often sit with me to chat opened up about up the morning’s talk. One of them declared that she worries about everything…They were excited to share that they had all learned something today. See what you started…”

“When I told my students that you would be coming back to the class to teach them about self-image, they were cheering.”

About the Program:

A strong self-image is the key to being in control of your life.  Kids today face unique challenges, so we need to teach them how to establish a strong self-image.  The self-image is the greatest barometer of the quality of a person’s inner life.

This class teaches kids:

  • what the self-image is and why it is vital
  • how to create a strong self-image
  • how to take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions
  • how to create empowering mind-habits
  • how to manage comparisons and use the success of others as inspiration
  • how to handle anxiety and/or fear  (we call this the worrying habit)
  • how to set an intrinsic goal
  • how to calm your mind and body
  • how to apply these lessons in everyday situations

Class size is limited 

  • Ages 9 and up
  • Class facilitated by TEDx Speaker, Ranbir Puar

Class times vary, but generally this a 4-week program.

$259 per child


Contact us at / 604-281-3733 with your questions.

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“You can always find the sun within yourself if you will only search.”  Maxwell Maltz

When you look in the mirror, are you comfortable with the person looking back at you?

Do you feel something is missing?

Do you find yourself treating others better than you treat yourself?

Are you often wondering when it will be your turn?

Do you feel that you are faking it too often?

Is your sleep sometimes disrupted by your busy mind?

Are you fed up and ready for change?

Sign up for this class and learn:

  • what the self-image is and why it is vital to your happiness
  • how to create empowering mind-habits and take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions
  • how your strong self-image will be your greatest asset in your role as a parent
  • how your strong self-image will benefit your career
  • how to create a strong self-image
  • how to apply these lessons in everyday situations

What is the self-image?  Simply put, it is how you feel about yourself.

That voice you hear? … that’s your self-image speaking to you.  That inner voice tends to become loudest when you are facing a challenge or fear.  Does it encourage you to keep going, or does it justify why you should fail?

Your self-image forms the foundation to a life of freedom….strengthen your self-image and set yourself free.

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“There is no other way to express how amazing this prorgram is than to say that if you don’t try it, you are robbing yourself of an amazing gift.  I started when I had hit rock bottom in my business that was 3 years in the making.  I didn’t think there was a way to turn it around.  I met Ranbir almost as if she was sent to me.  My decision to see her was simply an act of desperation.  I had tried everything, what else have I got to lose?  Within a few weeks, I not only noticed a shift in my business but in my entire consciousness.  It took only 2 months to dig out of a hole in my business that I thought would take years to get back. I am feeling more connected to my children, my family and I am feeling euphoric that what I thought was impossible, was actually possible.  I am forever grateful to Ranbir for introducing me to a brighter future with limitless possibilities.” S.T. Businesswoman, Mom, Wife

 S.T.,  Vancouver, BC