Parenting and Families

The parent-child relationship is one of the most fundamental aspects of our existence; it dictates much of our life’s trajectory. As parents, learning how to harness the power and influence of the parent-child bond is one of the most important gifts we can give our children. Learning how to interpret our own childhood experiences is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves!

In our busy modern world, we are attempting to manage endless responsibilities in both the realms of career and family. We are inundated with digital influences that can allow us to do more, but can make us become less connected to families and ourselves. We offer many strategies that can strengthen the parent-child bond, and nurture family life in a modern world.

We can help you with any of the following areas:

Enhancing the parent/child relationship

  • Building trust and a deeper connection with your child/children
  • Improving communication
  • Learning to play together

Family/work balance

  • Career and family decision-making
  • Finding space to connect within hectic schedules

Improving self confidence in parenting

  • Understanding the influence of your up-bringing on your own parenting
  • Tools for more effectively guiding and teaching your child

Improving emotional well-being

  • Decreasing anxiety for both parent and child
  • Enhancing self esteem and self-image
  • Improving emotional resilience

Managing demands on the modern child

  • Scheduling and parental expectations
  • Understanding the influences of our digital environment

“When my mother passed, I needed help to guide my children through the devastation. Ranbir gave me tools to use to help my children relax, especially at bedtime. Her connection with children is inspiring and mine took to her right away. I am grateful for her guidance.”
– P.O.

“My son suffers from anxiety. Ranbir has taught him how to use his energy in new ways. It has helped his confidence so much.”
– E.M.

“We were a ‘yelling’ household…Ranbir met with all of us and taught us new methods of communication. With our new tools the tension level has drastically improved in our home and the way we speak to each other is calmer! We now enjoy being home, and being together.”
– C.B.

“The seminar was a wonderful experience for me. It was filled with such positive energy and has propelled me forward in my life and towards accomplishing my goals. Ranbir was very supportive of everyone’s individual needs, and she allowed us to express our own experiences with the group.”

Personally, it helped me to identify what was negative in my life, helped me to push those thoughts away in order to increase my self-confidence needed to achieve my goals. I enjoyed the seminar very much as it touched me on various aspects of my life…personal, my family, my work and my dreams. Anything is possible in life, and Ranbir’s teachings emphasizes that.”
– N.W.