Financial Health

Financial health is one of the key components to building a strong foundation for your life. Your financial situation is a reflection of, and influences, the health of other aspects of your life.

We can help you with any of the following areas:

  • Self-worth vs. Net-worth(c)
  • The connection between finances and emotional well-being
  • Identifying money associations, triggers, and patterns
  • Planning and intention
  • Instant gratification vs. long-term satisfaction
  • Understand the meaning of debt
  • Teaching children about money

“There is no other way to express how amazing The Freedom Exercise than to say that if you don’t try it, you are robbing yourself of an amazing gift. I started the Freedom Exercise when I had hit a rock bottom in my business that was 3 years in the making. I didn’t honestly think there was a way to turn it around. I met Ranbir almost as if she was sent to me. My decision to see her was simply an act of desperation, I had tried everything, what else have I got to lose? Within a few weeks, I not only noticed a shift in my business but in my entire consciousness. It took only 2 months to dig out of a hole in my business that I thought would take years to get back. I have started to use the mediations on my daughters to bring myself closer to them and to help them in achieving their own goals. I am feeling more connected to my children, my family and I am feeling euphoric that what I thought was impossible, was actually possible. I am forever grateful to Ranbir for introducing me to a brighter future with limitless possibilities.”
– S.T.

“Ranbir helped me realize that I was functioning on autopilot and therefore sabotaging my finances. She brought things into my awareness that I had chosen to ignore before. I finally have savings!”
– W.L.I.

“We are blessed financially, but we were struggling with the impact of this on our children. While we worked hard for our success, our kids were seemingly taking it for granted. Ranbir made such a difference in getting us out of this downward spiral. Thank you!”
– R.U.

“I found The Freedom Exercise to be insightful and dynamic. Ranbir was caring and compassionate and sensitive to the group, which made me feel comfortable and relaxed enough to share my own experience openly. I found the course to be organized, innovative and focused for each individual that participated. I came out of the course knowing what key tools I need to move forward in my life in a positive and focused way: to live in the moment and not in the past; to set goals for myself long-term and short-term — basically to have a plan; knowing that I am the master of my destiny. The Freedom Exercise was excellent for me; it opened up so many positive ideas and dreams that were trapped in my subconscious.”
– J.P.