Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma and adversity can play a powerful role in both your emotional and physical well-being. Research has demonstrated that adversity in childhood causes a stress reaction in our physical bodies that changes the functioning of the immune system for life, and is a strong predictor of illness in adulthood. We use our instinctive approach to help our clients to identify and move through these experiences, and stop the unwanted influences of these past events on all realms of well-being.

We can help you with any of the following areas:

  • Uncovering past trauma and examining how it is influencing your present life
  • Using techniques to expel trauma so that the physiological patterns can be re-wired
  • Understanding how past adversity can be understood and utilized in a positive way
  • How to keep your children safe and educated, without instilling a fear-based existence

“Ranbir, it was so nice hearing you speak and so insightful I want to share it! and yes I was teary on the way home. Incredible, thank you so much. That one moment in my childhood has affected me in so many ways and now I can let it go. My mom came into my room, screamed at me because I did not put my clothes away properly. So she threw all my clothes out of the drawers on to the floor, then threw the drawers, then proceed to take every item out of my closet, and throw the clothes and hangers. I can feel the terror today. It’s time to let it go. Thank you, you have a gift.”
– S.D.

“Being able to address and put the trauma of my youth behind me has made me feel lighter and safer. I don’t feel like I am wearing a heavy backpack anymore.”
– P.W.