We have extensive experience in the business/corporate world. We understand the dynamics of motivating large organizations, as well as the intricacies involved in balancing the days of an entrepreneur. We have exceptional tools that can impact your bottom line, employee morale and customer relationships.

We can help you with any of the following areas:

  • Boost sales
  • Exponentially exceed your corporate targets
  • How to motivate your employees (so they treat your business as their own)
  • How to expand your reach and effectiveness
  • Employee retention and loyalty
  • Uncover mental blocks
  • Tools for entrepreneurs

“There is no other way to express how amazing The Freedom Exercise than to say that if you don’t try it, you are robbing yourself of an amazing gift. I started the Freedom Exercise when I had hit a rock bottom in my business that was 3 years in the making. I didn’t honestly think there was a way to turn it around. I met Ranbir almost as if she was sent to me. My decision to see her was simply an act of desperation, I had tried everything, what else have I got to lose? Within a few weeks, I not only noticed a shift in my business but in my entire consciousness. It took only 2 months to dig out of a hole in my business that I thought would take years to get back. I have started to use the mediations on my daughters to bring myself closer to them and to help them in achieving their own goals. I am feeling more connected to my children, my family and I am feeling euphoric that what I thought was impossible, was actually possible. I am forever grateful to Ranbir for introducing me to a brighter future with limitless possibilities.”
– S.T.

“Ranbir, you are a sales genius! I have used your strategies for the past six months. I am exceeding my corporate objectives and my pay cheque is impressive! You rock!”
– D.F.

“In the simplest terms, Ranbir Puar is amazing. Ranbir is a walking light of intuition, mixed with an effective business nature that essentially cuts right to the core of any issue in a matter of seconds. Even better, once an issue has quickly been identified, a solution, or technique, or anything you would need to address that issue is given to you. Every time I speak with her I feel as though I cover 10 years of therapy in a matter of minutes! I also find that sometimes things that Ranbir says will stick and I won’t quite know what she means until I’m a few steps further, and then the light goes off! She truly is incredible.”
– C.H., Vancouver, BC