Monsters Aren’t Real

By Ranbir Puar

Let’s talk about getting real for a moment….

Many of us try to avoid reality.  There is plenty of evidence of this in the modern world, but not enough of us take the time to really assess where we are.

It is vital to have that baseline.  That is what your physician would ask do if you had symptoms of a physical ailment, right?

In the first week of “Awakening Your Inner Champion” we will go through a number of exercises that allow you to objectively see where you are today – the good and the not so good.

And by objectively, I mean without measuring the input or expectations of others in your life.

Now that, to me, is HUGE.  Or as you-know-who would say “YUGE” 🙂

But so many people don’t even realize that their inner critic is calling the shots.

Here is a checklist.  If any of these apply to you, then your inner critic is holding the reins:

  1. You don’t sleep well.  You either have a hard time falling asleep, or you wake up through the night and can’t go back to be. OR you wake up tired, even though you have slept!

  2. Failure cripples you.  When things go right or wrong, your inner critic shows up and takes charge of your inner dialogue. Undercutting your successes and deepening your failures by insisting you will never measure up.

  3. You don’t nourish your body, mind and spirit well. When your inner champion is strong, you tend to pay close attention to what you feed your body, mind and your spirit. Not because you are afraid, but because you are worth it!

  4. Your language/communication with others tends to have a negative slant/focus. There is always a “problem”.  Audit your conversations, including your inner voice.  The way you speak to yourself when you are alone with your thoughts is a true test of the strength of your inner champion/inner critic.

  5. Your close relationships are tense. Many people treat strangers better than they treat the people they love. How you give AND receive love is key for a strong self-image, a strong inner champion. Do an audit, objectively assess the love in your life.  Remember love is life’s true currency.  It is the size of your heart, not the size of your wallet, that matters.

If these points speak to you, then you need to consider joining “Awakening Your Inner Champion”.  The first class is May 9th …. and it won’t run again until the fall.

It may feel scary to get sign up for a class like this.  I get that.  I have been there.

It is scary for me too.  To open up and tell you about the monsters that used to haunt me.  To share the things that my inner critic used to say to me.  I know, I get it.

I hear that constantly….I was so scared to open up, so scared to LOOK inside and to be honest about what I am going through….scared to ask for more….scared to ask for help.

Well, I will leave you with this…Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do something every day that scares you.”

Sign up for this course and let’s get rid of the “monsters” that haunt you.

They aren’t real and I will show you why.


Is your inner critc controlling your life?



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