by Ranbir Puar


I remember it like it was yesterday.

I felt like I would never measure up.

Externally, I looked as if I was full of confidence.  Calm, organized and successful.

The problem was this:

I was suffering…

And getting more and more exhausted by the day!

You see, I got stuck in that horrible place that traps just about every one of us:

I was trading ‘esteem’ for passion.

The more I worked, the more I succeeded.

Yet the emptier I felt.

And then I became a mother.

Holding my little miracle made me challenge everything I thought was real.

I knew I had to address it –

That inner voice that told me I wasn’t enough.

I knew I had to address it otherwise the storms that brewed inside me

Would become his…my baby’s.

I couldn’t imagine letting him hurt so deeply.

So I had to give my world a shake…

The thing was:

By focusing on protecting him, I inadvertently helped myself.

I knew I had to clean up my inner world…

But I didn’t know how. I read, I researched, I searched for more.

Everywhere I looked I found a gap,

A gap between the worlds.

What does that mean, you ask?

The guidance I came across was either too “woo woo” or it was too rooted in the material world.

I needed more….I wanted spirituality and reality.

I wanted it all, so I turned to my mentor (aka husband) and asked for help.

Well, more like begged for help 🙂

He reminded me to focus on my foundation. My self-image.

He told me that by strengthening this, I could give our son the best of me.

I knew his messages were spot on…

I could feel it in my core.

But, it wouldn’t be realistic if I didn’t struggle with it.

I struggled most with my inner critic.

She had the worst things to say to me….

And she said them in a way that seemed to pierce through my heart and soul.

In a way that would make my anxiety spike, make my sleep restless…

She kept my nervous system on red alert.

That’s when it HIT me…my husband was right.

Why don’t I give this inner critic an eviction notice?

Why don’t I let her know that I am finished riding the train to emptiness?

Tired of taking every piece of constructive feedback as soul-crushing.

Tired of thinking that I would never and could never measure up.

Tired of thinking I was too this, or too that.

Tired of rejecting the light that lived inside me because I thought I was worthless.

Because of the abuse and the suffering I had endured.

My inner critic pushed back when I tried to change…

Reminding me that all the sadness I had experienced in my life was now the weight I should bear  for the rest of my life.

THAT was my story.

But, I didn’t want that story anymore.  

I wanted a story that just barely existed in my wildest dreams….

One of internal peace…of unconditional acceptance and one of love.

There wasn’t anyone out there that could do it for me.

Which meant I had to roll up my sleeves and work diligently toward change, toward freedom.

By the time my second son was born, I had it…I lived it.

I wanted to share my experience and knowledge…

I wanted to help others help themselves.

So I started this business more than seven years ago.

I have worked happily over these years, walking my purpose

Aligned with my inner champion.

Living in my light.

I have been a part of “miracles” and I have been a part of massive growth….

Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Growth.


So this past fall, I felt I had to do more to help.

People from around the world were reaching out, asking for help…

Desperate to build a strong self-image…longing for their inner champion to awaken.

So, I answered those calls.

I created a workshop – an online course, “Awakening Your Inner Champion”….

I had never done an online workshop before.

I was nervous – mainly concerned if I would be able to connect fully with the audience.


Not only was I able to deeply connect with the audience, they also took a lot away from it (check out the testimonials).

I was able to maintain my authenticity and create massive value.

So that first webinar course was a huge success!  

And it has pushed me to do more….

I took the time to review, perfect and add to the first course.

I analyzed and tested and now…

On May 9 I am starting another online course!

If you are ready…

To let go of excuses,





That hold you back, then you should join us on May 9th.

Join a group of like-minded people from around the world

Turn their light switches back on….

Let your light shine again, it has been dimmed for far too long.

I would like to show you how,

Simply and effectively.

Join me by signing up below.

I can’t wait to go on this journey with you.

With love and gratitude,


P.S… Click Here for the link to sign up!

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